Restoration of St. Paul's church in Odessa. Pile foundation

Restoration of St. Paul's Church

Works on installation of pile foundation for St. Paul's Kirk in Odessa have been completed. (04.10.2007) Applied technology is based on a piling method that has been developed by Engineering Center Transzvuk, Odessa. Equipment applied: hydraulically driven piling machine CO-450. Piling machine work silently, eliminate any dynamic loadings on a Kirha and surrounding foundations. Technical characteristics of piling equipment allowed to install 16m length piles to the depth level of 20 meters with insertion force of over 2000 kN only from 1,10m distance of the original wall of the church. Continuous monitoring of insertion force during installation of concrete piles has been fulfilled, that allowed to guarantee the load carrying capacity of each driven pile. Press-in piling equipment